Seals At St Andrews Aquarium

As you know I  seals and today I got to make a dream come true by feeding two fantastically awesome grey seals at St Andrews aquarium arr arr!

Waiting for their breakfast were 8 year old NELLY who was born in Denmark and she likes sunbathing, taking it easy and a tasty chunk of salmon – though it was mackerel and sprats on the menu that morning! 

And LUNA an energetic 3 year old boy, also Danish, who just wants to have lots of fun and be involved in everything that’s going on – oh and he loves sprats!!

More To See Under The Sea!

And it wasn’t just sea horses – there were lots of other creatures to see at the aquarium – fish (obviously ), reptiles, snakes – I got to hold one, penguins and even meerkats! 

An Under Water World – Isn’t It Neat!

After a really brilliant day that finished with a visit to the gift shop for a seal cuddly toy (you can never have too many!) it was time to head home…

I had a fabulous time in Fife and I got to go over the Firth of Forth on the Queensferry Crossing – twice! 

  1. Awesome! 😃 how totally cool 😎 what a wonderful thing to do and such gorgeous seals 💛💙💛💙 and you found Nemo! 🐠

  2. Your website is sososososososososososososo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool this is Anthony

    • Hi Anthony great to hear from you 😃 I’m glad you think my website is coooooooooooooool 😎😎😎!!!
      Happy New Year from Tabby 🎉

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