Rock Pooling at Longniddry Bents

Looking For Marine Life In Rock Pools

We met up with Roger The Ranger from East Lothian’s Countryside Ranger Service at Longniddry Bents number 2 to explore the rock pools.  It was a low tide and there was lots to see as we headed down to the sea!

Roger explained that the rock pools held an amazing collection of marine life, kelp and seaweeds.  When we were looking under rocks we always had to make sure we turned them back over because even if it looked like nothing was there chances are something microscopic had made it it’s home. 

The creatures really have to adapt to their surroundings.  When the tide goes out this leaves them with only a small amount of water and on hot sunny days the water evaporates making it saltier than usual and on rainy days the water gets diluted. Crabs can retain water for a short time and they like to hide in seaweed or under rocks so they wont dry out.

Here you can see me holding a SAND MASON, a SHORE CRAB (ok so I didn’t hold that one – it was HUGE!) and a STARFISH.

Look at what else we found…

  • A BRITTLE STAR and an EDIBLE CRAB – there were also a couple of HERMIT CRABS hiding in there.
  • A LONG CLAWED PORCELAIN CRAB – that’s it’s actual full grown size.
  • A BUTTERFISH – that looked more like an eel and was really slimy, no wonder it is called a butterfish!
  • A SPIDER CRAB – that had stuck seaweed and algae onto its back with its own spit for camouflage.

And there was more…

This was a really fascinating stone because living on it was

  • BRYOZOA (had to Google that one!) 

All that variety of life –  on just one rock in one rock pool!


Thanks to Roger being there I’ve seen lots more than I would have normally.  Can’t wait to get down to the beach again!

  1. Pretty sure I wouldn’t hold that crab either! 😬
    Looking forward the next rock pool visit 🐚🐟

  2. hello darling,

    what an interesting blog. I know that beach really well and I didn’t know so many interesting creatures lived there. Well done you!!!

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