Rain & Rivers – The Water Cycle

Without water there would be no life on Earth, so it’s a good thing that our planet has almost 3/4 of its surface covered by the stuff! 

It’s constantly on the move, we even have a name for it, THE WATER CYCLE. Have a look at my video to find out more…

How It’s Made

I had a great time filming it at various locations in East Lothian and up in the Lammermuir Hills.  I especially loved being at Belhaven Bay, can you spot the Bass Rock, Berwick Law and Traprain Law in the background of the video?

As part of my river project I made a model of ‘The Journey Of A River’ out of a shoe box – it’s only little (18cm high by 34cm long) but it shows the 3 river stages, a mountain and some miniature sheep!

This animation shows the stages of making the model – there was a LOT of glue and it took a LONG time to dry…  

It was such fun buying the modelling materials at Harburn Hobbies in Edinburgh and the staff were REALLY helpful. 

So next time you’re jumping in puddles, think where that water has been and where it’s going… and yes my mum really DID fall in the river at the end of the video!


  1. Fascinating project Tabby – and I’ve never laughed so much in my life as when your mum fell in!

  2. It was cold and a lot deeper than I expected!!!! 😬😬😆😆😂😂💦💧🌊🚣🏄

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