London Seals

My Cuddly Toy Seals From London 

As you know I love seals so much and whenever I see a seal for sale I always get so excited! 

When I was in London I just had to check out some of the coolest toy shops in the world!

Where better to start than Hamleys on Regent Street? 

It was 5 floors full of toys, toys, toys and even more toys and this is where I found my first seal. 

Next I went to the Natural History Museum and after searching for the seal display I discovered that it had been temporarily removed for ‘conservation’ work – but a little further searching and I found this baby harp seal.

After a good look around the gift shop I found my second cuddly seal – yay!  🙂

Saving the best till last I was completely amazed and delighted with the Harrods toy department. Waiting for me was the most beautiful and cutest seal toy ever!

And here they are…

I really do LOVE my SEALS!

  1. I didn’t know there were sooooooo many cuddly seals out there! 😆
    I ❤️ SEALS
    I ❤️ London

  2. Oh wow – so awesome! 😃

  3. You can never have too many seals ARR ARR


  4. I expect you’ve already been to at least one of them, but if not I’d recommend the seal sanctuaries in Oban, Gweek or Hunstanton and if you have a Merlin pass you can go for free with an adult.

  5. Hi Susan – thanks so much for commenting on my blog I’m really happy you like it!
    Didn’t know about the sanctuaries in Gweek or Hunstanton but that’s my summer holidays sorted – I’m off to cut out the vouchers on the cereal boxes now!
    Bye Tabby 😀

  6. I think, yes I “seally” do think…..that you are so happy with your new seals!!! What a lovely picture. Happy Happy Happy!!!!

    bye best granddaughter! xx

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