Life Cycle Of A Fly


The House Fly 

House Flies are everywhere – they especially love somewhere warm with rubbish and a bit of something rotten too! And they do this thing with their spit – yuck – they spit onto food to make it liquid then they suck it up!


Life Cycle- From Eggs To Adult

I made this collage to show the four main stages in the life cycle of a house fly.

  1. Eggs – the female can lay 150 eggs at a time, over a few days she will do this 5 or 6 times.  The eggs must be laid in a damp place (compost, manure, rotting meat etc.) so they don’t dry out.
  2. Maggots – also known as larvae.  They hatch from the eggs within a day then begin eating what ever they can find in the place they were hatched for 3 to 5 days.  Then they crawl into a cool dark place ready to transform.
  3. Pupa – the maggot creates a reddish-brown case around itself – this protects the growing fly.  The pupation lasts for about a week.
  4. Adult – A fully grown adult comes out of the pupa.  After 3 days the female starts the cycle again.  A house fly can live for 2 – 4 weeks.
The whole cycle is called a complete metamorphosis. 


How It’s Made

Don’t worry I didn’t go rummaging through the compost bin to find some maggots!

I used some uncooked rice, a couple of stones and the flies and maggots are from my ‘Roald Dahl Terrible Tricks’ box!

Oh and as you can see I had plenty of help from my kitten Minnow!


I found learning about the life cycle of the house fly fascinating but it’s still revolting! 



  1. Euuugghhh! Fabulous article Tabby, I had no idea that flies went from maggots to pupae.

  2. oh that is really interesting Tabitha…………ESPECIALLY THE BIT ABOUT THEM SPITTING, YES INDEED , SPITTING ON FOOD!!!!!!!! YUCK!!!!!! YUCK!!!!!!!

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