I ♥ Seals

Me And My Seals!

It all began with a little blue cuddly sea lion, add to that some fluffy white ones, a couple of brown, a few grey and surprisingly several pink seals – then before I knew it… 


I wanted to find out more about seals, how many species there were, where they lived and how I could see them.

I’ve been to the National Museum in Edinburgh, I’ve read all about the different types of seals online and in nature books, I’ve been out on a boat to the Farne Isles and later this month I’ll be feeding seals in St Andrews. When I go to America I’m even going to swim with seals – I can’t wait!

Oh and it’s not just cuddly seals I collect…

I’ll keep posting all my adventures with seals – arr arr!!!


  1. Who knew there were so many different seal cuddly toys – love it! ❤️💜💙💚💛

    I love the animations 🎬📹🎥

  2. Really cute ☺️

  3. What a lovely Sealy photo.

    I love the animations too!! Cool!

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