Go Karting At Raceland

It was my friend Lucy’s birthday and she invited me to Raceland 

It’s the largest leisure karting centre in Scotland and just up the road from me!  We had an absolutely awesome time speeding round in super-fast go karts.

After getting our special racing suits, gloves and crash helmets we were given a quick lesson in how the karts work and safety instructions and then we were off…

We had three lots of 7 minute races and must have raced round the circuit 20 times. We started off a little bit nervous but before long we were going so fast – Lucy spun and I crashed into the tyre wall!!!

For the last race we were timed and so we drove as fast as we could – it was amazing – and our times were almost exactly the same.  

I think I might take it up as a hobby!

  1. Tabby, great fun wasn’t it! I love your photos and videos they are soooooooo great 👍 I hope you enjoyed it as much as meeeee😛😛😋🤗🚗

  2. Hi Lucy – I loved your birthday party 🎁 it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I did enjoy it as much as you – can’t wait to go back! 🚦🚗
    Tabby 😀 xxx

  3. oooooohhhhhh Tabitha that sounded like a truly exciting day! I think you look cool in your racing gear too. No wonder you want to take it up as a hobby. x well done darling. Fearless Adventurer!! x

    • Did you know that Lewis Hamilton started when he was my age – just saying…!!! 😀🚗

  4. Tabbymac, Tabbymac, leader of the Cool Girls Pack! Your website is totally awesome Tabby! I love it. Clare, Donald, Peter and I had great fun watching all the videos on Saturday.
    Not long til your birthday now ! 🎂🎁🎉👏🏻😘

    • I’m sooooooooooo glad you like my blog! 😃
      Can’t wait until my birthday 🎁🎂 !!!!!!!!!!
      Tabby 💗 xxx

  5. I hope you get everything you wish for Tabby. You deserve it. You’re a total legend. ❤️😘

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