Edinburgh Zoo

On a really wet, grey Edinburgh afternoon my Mum and I walked round an almost empty (humans not animals!) zoo. 

And these are some of the sights we saw…

The penguins didn’t seem bothered by the weather though! 

We saw Gentoo Penguins, King Penguins and Northern Rockhopper Penguins.  

I walked up to the new Tiger Tracks enclosure to see the Sumatran Tiger – he was having an afternoon nap at the time! 

Then back down the hill through the Swamp Wallabies Outback enclosure…

We headed to Brilliant Birds and were the only people there for the talk – it was “BRILLIANT”!! We saw the Socorro Dove which is now extinct in the wild.

As an awesome bonus we got to see ‘Arno The Armadillo‘ get fed – did you see him running around on the video?   

Time for a rest – on the (not quite as comfy as I thought it would be) wooden Sun Bear tongue bench!  If you look carefully on the video you can see the Malayan Sun Bear having a good back scratch on a tree trunk!   

The Giant Lanterns of China 

Not everything in the zoo looked like it should… Was that a giant snail I saw and who let the lions out without telling the zebras?   

Don’t worry the animals were not running wild and they had not been given a secret growing potion either! 

What we saw was actually The Giant Lanterns Of China – an incredible installation of over 450 lanterns around the zoo.  

These are just some of the amazing lanterns, I can’t wait to see them all lit up.   

So how about you, are you going to the zoo, tomorrow?


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  1. What a fantastic afternoon that was 😃 🐯🐗🐻🐨
    Those baboons were so funny 🙈🐵🙊🙉🐒 😂😂 and the lanterns are spectacular 🎏🏮🐼

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