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  • You're A Bony Skeleton
    You’re A Bony Skeleton
    At school we are learning about the human body  and my homework is to write a song about the skeleton to the tune of ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’.  So press play and sing along…    ...
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  • Perfect Night In Results
    Perfect Night In Results
    And the winner is… Over 450 people completed my ‘Perfect Night In’ survey which was for my #MathsWeekScotland homework.  I had replies from as far away as America and Australia and all my class filled it out too! Thank you...
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  • Perfect Night In Survey
    Perfect Night In Survey
    What makes your perfect night in? That’s what I’m going to find out for my homework…   So will it be Wonder Woman joining you for pizza? Maybe you chose Superman to sit and watch a movie  with, while...
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  • Edinburgh Book Festival
    Edinburgh Book Festival
    It’s the last day of The Edinburgh International Book Festival 2018 today and this year I’ve have had a great time meeting some of my favourite authors there… The day before my birthday there was a ticket for...
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  • Morpurgo & Barroux
    Morpurgo & Barroux
    That’s Michael Morpurgo, the author of some of the best known children’s books and Barroux, an artist and illustrator and he’s just known as Barroux!  It’s my last event at the Edinburgh Book Festival and I’m here to hear about Michael Morpurgo’s...
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  • The Beetles Are Back
    The Beetles Are Back
    There’s a NEW FAB FOUR – I’m talking about Beetles but not those Beatles, the insect kind  not the musical kind  (though I’m sure coleopterists would know a musical beetle or two!) These four are the awesome BEETLE books written by...
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  • Meeting Cathy Cassidy
    Meeting Cathy Cassidy
    Look it’s me and Cathy Cassidy on the first day of The Edinburgh International Book Festival 2018! When I woke up on Saturday morning and I had no idea I would be off to Edinburgh to see Cathy...
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  • sealtees.com
    I  seals and I’m going to build a business selling seal tee-shirts online!   I have a new website sealtees.com and over the next few months I will be coming up with designs and getting ready to launch.  You...
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